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Acorus Restoration Native Plant Nursery !

Thank you all who have supported us over the last 20 years. The farm and plants have been sold. We have had the pleasure of growing our plants and seeing them flourish in all corners of the region! 


October 25-26 - PLANT RESCUE PARTY - Since all the fields will be tilled for organic popcorn production all rare plants can be salvaged from the seed rows and prairie restorations. Sleep in the house, party in the evening and take home your treasures! Gorilla Gardening Encouraged!!! Give my babies a home.


I like to think of this place as a giant sand mandala. Good work was done here and while this mandala dissolves there are 100s of acres that this place leaves as its legacy. Thank you to all that have shared my path and may your passion for this world be strong. PM


Tall grasses grew here

Wildflowers painted sprays of colour

Bees, crickets, dragonflies made the air seem alive

Trees tried to reach the sun

Frogs found perches to call

Tadpoles grew fat

Turkeys stole through meadows

Rich forests sheltered all

The hush of the wind

Creeks giggled new paths

Birds rode the sky

Their laughter filling space

I wove the tapestry of life

And now it is undone



And now for something completely different! Planethealers is my next project and you can link up here and see how it develops in the next few months.


Join me in an exploration of conversation and inspiration and meet the people that are working selflessly to heal the planet.  I'm going to be traveling around the world to meet these people, share some drink and regional food and talk about how we can meet this challenge.