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Pickerel Weed - PONCOR
Pontederia cordata

NEWattracts songbirdsattracts ducksbenefits watergardens

A stunning aquatic wildflower, the leaves are spear shaped and the spike of purple and yellow flowers grow into corn sized seeds that wildlife enjoy.

Colour: Purple Blooms: July-September Height (cm): 30-90
Sun: Full Soil: Loam Moisture: Wet

Other traits: Oxygenator, Wildlife, Edible, Pickerel Weed is an oxygenating plant which also provides habitat for fish, frogs and other invertebrates. Pickerel Weed leaves can be eaten as a salad green, as a cooked green and the seeds can be eaten as is or dried, roasted and made into flour.
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Trait Icons Key
attracts butterflies Attracts Butterflies resists deer Resists Deer attracts songbirds Attracts Songbirds
penetrates clay Penetrates Clay attracts ducks Attracts Ducks tolerates dry conditions Tolerates Dry Conditions
attracts hummingbirds Attracts Hummingbirds tolerates walnuts Tolerates Walnuts benefits watergardens Benefits Watergardens